We proudly use the following network providers:

AS4851 Australian Network

Host Networks operates a fully diverse, multi-homed redundant transit service.
Our resilient network is able to withstand multiple simultaneous hardware and network faults.

Host Networks Australian network spans multiple upstream, peering and network providers to create a diverse, high capacity network. We are able to provide both point to point and data transit services to our customers across multiple locations.

  • Juniper MX Series routing engines used for network edge connectivity
  • All network edge points use a fully redundant configuration of two routers and two aggregation routers
  • Cisco Switches and Routers used for internal network routing and customer access points
  • Physically diverse building entry points for fibre services
  • Carrier demarcation and facility patching secured in caged area
  • Tier III allows for fully diverse carrier demarcation with two carrier areas
  • Structured site cabling via Cat6 copper and Single Mode Optical patch sytems
  • HSRP / VRRP redundant gateways available for customer services
  • OSPF / Advanced routing options available for customer services

Our network services are actively tested for latency and throughput by multiple active monitoring sites and in-house staff monitoring.
We proudly work with the following companies to maintain our network infrastructure to the highest standards: